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Monday, July 30, 2012

Due Date #2

Due Date #2 is upon us. I knew this would happen. The first due date comes and goes, the second due date comes and goes, and before I know it, I'm 10 days past my due date, miserable, anxious, and having to get drugged to go into labor. Ok, so maybe that's a little bit of an overreaction, but I am not a patient person to begin with. Having to be patient with this ordeal is impossible. My boyfriend on the other hand, is getting a kick out of watching me get a lesson in patience. 

Measures I've taken to try to get labor started:
  • Walked a total of 5 miles over the weekend. My sister's friend who had (notice the tense) the same due date as me, walked 3.5 miles in the middle of the week, and has since had her baby. My efforts were not as fruitful.
  • Ate spicy food. I am a serious doubter of this one. I got desperate though and gave in. Dousing all of my food in RedHot, which is pretty much standard procedure for me anyways, was also unsuccessful.
I have just accepted the truth that this baby is very comfortable, probably a little bit stubborn, and fashionably late. I don't like being late to things, so he definitely must get that trait from Dave. 

The good thing about all of this is that it has made me feel very popular! I have already gotten 5 texts today from friends acknowledging the fact that it is indeed my due date, and there is still no baby. I will ignore the fact that as I said in my last post, if I was in labor, or if there was a baby in existence, you people would know. That is the glory of social media. But in the sake of being optimistic and not at all irritable, I will enjoy the popularity I feel each time my phone blows up.

In another positive note- today marks the first day of my maternity leave!! Horray for waking up on a Monday morning without having to be miserable, drag myself out of bed, and immediately start counting down the hours til the weekend. I could get used to this.

So that I could post at least one picture, I documented the insane amount of blackberries we picked from the bush in our backyard! If you tried to buy this many blackberries from the store, it would cost a fortune. Free is great! Plus, I let Dave eat the first few so that if they were poisonous, and he started foaming at the mouth or something, I would be spared.

Non-poisonous, free blackberries are the best kind of blackberries


  1. That IS the best kind of blackberries.

    Clearly, you've a very good hostess and your baby doesn't want to leave. Maybe jumping jacks would help :)

  2. Excellent, sounds exactly like what Katniss would do. Thanks for taking one for the Miller family, Dave.

    Now that you've passed this due date, lemon can remain until my arrival :). I guess I better text you now!

  3. I had to be induced 10 days post due date and it was fine. Baby came out, no c-section so it's not the worst thing. :)

    But yeah, sex and pineapple. Try that. Remember, what got you into this mess will get you out of it. :)

    Don't try the castor oil trick you may read online, trust me.

  4. Bahahah totally a hungergames move with the berries.