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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm hungry

All I can think about is food. And rightly so, because I have so many great food events coming up this week. No, I'm not PMS-ing, just a fattie.

Tonight, my brother is coming over and I am planning on making a recipe that I have been drooling over for weeks. It came from my friend, Sheila's blog. It's basically like two of my favorite foods mashed together into one tasty explosion in your mouth (insert the "thats what she said" jokes), Salt and Vinegar Haddock. Fish, covered in salt and vinegar chips, and baked. DROOLING. I will let you know how it turns out. 

Thursday, Dave and I will celebrating our 2-year anniversary. I have seriously deliberated over what restaurant to go to for weeks, and we finally settled on one last night. Initially, I dreamed of going to the  Melting Pot. I have heard that it is absolutely scrumptious, but highly expensive, so the day when there was a Groupon for it felt like the heavens were answering my prayers. Due to my luck, I log onto Groupon to purchase it and it is sold out. I cried actual tears. 

After this extreme disappointment, I felt like no other dining experience could live up to my dreams of fondue greatness. Then, Dave suggested this cute, little place that has gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizza. I realized that the term, "gourmet burger" is the way to my heart, and agreed that this would be the winner. Plus, my bff Kait (aka. Curls), told me she recently got a mojito when she was out, and I have been craving one ever since. Mojitos and gourmet burgers and I'm one happy girl. 

Saturday will be the culmination of my week of good eats. It is my family's second annual Fakesgiving. My mom always works on Thanksgiving so that she can have Christmas off, so we started doing our own Thanksgiving on a different day so that no one would miss out. Can I just say that having two Thanksgiving meals a year is amazing. Fattening, but amazing. We will eat, drink, and pass Harrison around like a play thing. 
Last year's invitiation/menu. I went all out. Little did I know that all that alcohol I was drinking was going straight to Harrison's embryo. 

I know I said yesterday that I was too afraid to snap a picture of Harrison napping in his crib. Well, I overcame my fear and went for it. 
Hard to tell, but that's his pacifier wedged into his right cheek. 


  1. Your Fakesgiving sounds better than our Thanksgiving!

  2. This year I won't be having a full Thanksgiving meal and I'm so sad! My brother and I are going to get together and my only demands are stuffing and pumpkin pie. I'll just have to eat double at Christmas :)

  3. 1. God, I'm missing Fakesgiving AGAIN, why does life have to be so hard?
    2. Please make me that fish someday.
    3. One time Eric and I were supposed to go melting pot for our anniversary but then we did a 50K (Eric did the 10 mile option) and I was in too much pain to move and made Eric go get me Qdoba instead.
    4. The night before I did my first 50K I was in bed with Casi and "happy birthday, snowblower" popped into my head after lights out and I couldn't stop hysterically laughing and I'm having a similar reaction now.
    5. Where are the teddy bears?
    6. I'm gay for your relationship. Sorry, but if Kait is mentioned, it must be said.

  4. We used to go to the Melting Pot for just dessert and it was awesome. I could never fully enjoy the dessert after eating the cheese, salad and main course so going just for the melted chocolate was an inspired idea :)

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