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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Confessions of a sleep-deprived mom

It's been a week since I last blogged. Oops. That's probably because my day-to-day is very uneventful and unchanging. Hanging out with the kid, maybe leave to go grocery shopping, and catching up on TV, pretty much all while holding him. I have all the time in the world, yet somehow no time to blog.

He recently had his two-month doctor visit though, and I'm happy to report that everything is looking good! Now at 10 and a half pounds, he jumped from the 3rd weight percentile to the 21st! Glad to see the two hour, on the hour, feedings have paid off. He also had to get two shots and I almost cried. Watching your own kid get shots and turn more red in the face than you thought humanly possible, while screaming at the top of his lungs... not fun. In slight fairness, I also got my flu shot, and probably whined more about my one sore spot than Harrison did about both of his. He's such a trooper.
 See how much he's grown! Courtesy of my stepdad's wonderful photography! 

I'll leave you with a few confessions...

1. I love rubbing diaper rash cream on Harrison's bum. Is that weird? So be it. I've always loved bums, but I don't get much interaction with his. Partly because I'm always scared that he will poop on me if I leave it exposed for too long, and partly because he simply has no bum. He was born with negative ass mass, and since has gained weight everywhere else except the bum. Therefore, I really enjoy what limited time I have to play with his bum, even if playing consists of wiping on a cream. I'm also just going to vouch for my sanity after writing that paragraph by saying that I am in the majority here. People who don't love little baby bums are clearly the minority, and probably heartless. Haven't you all heard the phrase, "Smooth as a baby's bottom"?

2. I hate, no- despise, the campaign trail. I don't really pay attention to politics normally, but when every other commercial is some political message denouncing this candidate and that candidate, its hard not to pay attention. I do not want to participate in something that has become more about hatred, pointing fingers, and negativity than it is about fixing our country. That being said, I'm all for appreciating that I do live in a country that allows us the right to vote, and I am not overlooking the fact that many people worldwide are not given that liberty, but I probably will not be voting in this presidential election. Neither candidate is really impressing me by blaming the other for his downfalls and personal shortcomings. Not to mention that I am not educated on the specifics of either's policy, so I am not going to simply just vote blindly and ignorantly because one has a (D) or an (R).. which I feel that a lot of voters probably do. Maybe its the flower child in me, but is world peace too much to ask for? Ok, yeah it is. How about just national peace then? Why is it that we look so poorly upon racism, but judging and stereotyping people based on their political affiliation is ok? That is the only thing I will ever say about politics, which is more than I ever thought I would ever comment in the first place. That might have just spurred a lot of opinions, but keep in mind that I'm a registered hippie, and peace is what I call for.

3. I used to cry when the Colts would lose a game. Back when their record would be 12-4, or 11-5. That's pretty embarrassing to admit, but when your team is going undefeated for the first 11 weeks of the season and you think theres a chance they go lose-less, those losses hurt. Now I am immune, after last season's pathetic record of 2-14. Hey, at least it toughened me up as a fan. And it's like, you appreciate things when you can't have them, so now I really, REALLY, love a win. Booyah Green Bay.

Mommy's little pumpkin

I'm really over these ridiculous outfits


  1. As always, Harrison is so freaking cute. I definitely think it's possible to catch pregnancy from holding him.

    As much as politics drive me insane, I will argue with you on one point. People can't choose their race, so it's unfair to judge them for it. However, you can very easily choose your political beliefs, so I feel more justified in judging people for them. :)

    1. As long as you put a smiley face after everything, it means it's not offensive. Maybe the campaign commercials could try that? :)

  2. Ass mass! Love it. I feel his pain.

    I can't believe how much he's grown! He's soooo cute!

  3. Soooo much information here.

    1. It's really embarrassing getting a shot at 14 when your 7 year old sister doesn't cry and you do. I would know.
    2. I think we all know why you are really annoyed by politics. Or at least those of us who share your FB friends.
    3. Never mind, there is no 3, football is boring.

    I've showed the month comparison pic to tons of people at work and stuff and everyone is shocked and amazed. Also, the butt has always been your favorite part, if I remember correctly.

  4. I will now copy Alyssa and reply in list format..only because I know how much you enjoy them...

    1. The 1-2 month comparison pics...HELLO! Like, I knew he was getting bigger, and I always seem to notice a slight difference every time I visit, but jeez this lil man has grown! finally getting a lil chub. Love him.

    2. Your baby bum confession made me guffaw laugh out loud. But I totally get it. And you're right, for people who don't appreciate baby bums....whats wrong with them?!

    3. Politics are annoying. That opinion right there was confirmed once Floyd came into the picture....

    4. Trying to decide if Harrison resembles a pumpkin....or a carrot. He's needs more chub to pass for a pumpkin. Either way, he's super cute, as always.

    5. Confession: I was always afraid to cross your path when the colts would lose...it wasn't pretty in the beginning.

    And that completes my list for you. I love your blog. the end.

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