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Monday, February 24, 2014

My sister is smarter than your sister

This post comes to you from the inspiration given to me by my genius sister.

Reason #1 why she is a genius: I was texting with her the other night, and the topic of my workouts came up. I told her that I didn't do a work out that day because I've been having pain in my left knee, and wanted to give it a break. She had me describe to her where it hurt, and the type of pain I was experiencing, and immediately delivered a genius treatment plan: ice it.

Why I couldn't think of that on my own, I have no clue, I'm just glad I have access to her endless wisdom. I'm not sure if I hurt my knee during an actual work out, or if its the stairs I run 50-75 times a night (no exaggeration) at work. The impact on my knee while walking/running up and down stairs is when the pain spikes up quite a bit, so I'm gonna go with that one. Either way, it has made both working out, and performing the essential tasks of daily life, like picking up Harrison, less fun. In any case, I can handle a sharp pain here and there, it's not like my knee is preventing me from mobility. I'm just an expert whiner.

Actually that's my title
Reason #2 why she is a genius: I was also texting with her about my new dietary restrictions that I've placed on myself. She came up with a genius plan for how I can stick to them, until the wedding, anyway.

First, I'll explain what they are. The first, and most important limitation to my diet is no chips. I never used to be a chip person, until some little creature named Harrison started growing in my body and took over my brain. I got hooked on chips during my pregnancy, but the chip consumption became more like an addiction while I was nursing. As you all know, I was unable to put down my son for 90% of my waking hours, so in my extreme hunger levels, I would turn to chips as an easy, one-handed food item. I find chips so good because they are SO SALTY. I swear my brain now fiends for salt similar to how a crack addict would fiend for crack. The chip-ban is not just for purposes of healthy eating and hopeful weight loss, it is me putting myself into rehab for salt.

So far, I feel pretty strongly about this chip ban. It's only been a week, but I have a lot of confidence in myself that I can make this last until the wedding. Mostly because I'm not completely taking salt out of my diet, so I still can indulge in a salty snack when necessary. Like light popcorn, or something.

It's the second food limitation that I'm gonna struggle with, and where my sister's plan came into play. It's dessert. Gets me every time. My sweet tooth is not my friend. So knowing my sister has cut sweets out of her diet from time to time, I asked her how it's even humanly possible. Her response, if you couldn't guess- genius. She instructed me to make my dessert-ban public, and that way I'll feel pressured into sticking with it.

This one also, clearly, has a sweet tooth
I'm not trying to not eat a sweet for four whole months, because that is 1. a highly unrealistic goal for me and 2. majorly effing depressing. However, I am going to try to cut my dessert intake to one a week. Please blog friends, hold me to that. Again, although this one intimidates me a lot more than the chip-ban, I hope I can achieve my goal since I still will have sugar in other forms. For example, coffee creamer, hard cider, cereal, etc etc... I know these are not revolutionary diet tricks, and I might not even lose any weight from it, but it's just a way for me to try to cut back on certain high-calorie items that I am known to overindulge on.

What is your food weakness?


  1. This post is so flattering! Especially after a super stressful day. You can definitely do it. Use that fruit as dessert trick. It's pretty stupid, but it's sweet and better than nothing.

  2. I gave up sweets when Alyssa and I trained for Hartford (I think), but it had no real affect on my training, so I'll never do it again. I think if you can find someone to give up your foods with you, though, that really helps with keeping yourself honest.