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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Freedom

Just wanted to do a quick Sunday blog post because I can. That's right, mommy is Free.

Let me get into a little back story. The reason why I'm free is a complicated one- Dave and Harrison are in Watertown, but since I am a server, weekends are hard for me to take off, so I stayed home to work. This is the second time in two months that Dave and Harrison have left me to go to Watertown, because they are needed back home to help out with Dave's dad...

At the end of July, Dave's dad got in a very serious accident on their family farm. He got run over by a cattle trailer that had been backing up to drop cows off. Neither saw the other, and Greg was pulled under the trailer for it's entire length. The full cattle trailer had 8 inches of clearance off the ground, so just try to picture that for a second. Greg had a long list of injuries, including but not limited to: both broken hips, shattered pelvis, 16 broken ribs, broken collarbone, 2 broken vertebrae, and both lungs collapsed. I'm sure there were more. After three surgeries, 5 units of blood, a day on the ventilator, and 6 weeks in the hospital, he is finally home, but in a wheelchair while he undergoes physical therapy to relearn how to put weight on his hips, and essentially, walk. He is expected to make a full recovery, but life is definitely changed for the Porter's for the time being.
If I was ever unsure where Harrison got that face from... I know now. 

To read a full article on the accident: Click here

I don't know why it took me so long to write a post about the accident, seeing as it is nearly three months later. I guess it's just hard to put words to such a scary incident. But everyone is so glad that Greg is ok!
Including Harrison, whose new favorite thing to do is run up and down the ramp they built for Greg to get into the house. And also play with the 4398 barn cats.. which frightens me. 

So long story short, I am a free lady this weekend. Friday night, I went out in Rochester with the ladies to see our favorite band (aka to be groupies). Not sure why, maybe because the bar was packed, we hardly even watched them, and instead posted up at the bar for the majority of the night. This worked to our advantage, since my one lady became BFFs with the bartender, who then made us free shots. If anyone knows me, they know I love shots (the song Shots by LMFAO is my #1 favorite song of LIFE), but if there is anything better than shots, it's free shots.

Saturday was spent on the couch for the majority of the day, which is fine by me, because I never get to do that, then followed by working last night.

Today, I slept in til 9- glory of glories right there. I'm now leisurely drinking my coffee, which in combination with sleeping in, is one of the best feelings EVER. Please be jealous of the total of 4 days out of 365 that I get to sleep in.

One last thing, and completely random, but can we all admire two things:


2. How amazing our photographer is (http://roseannalynnphotography.org/)

How was your weekend?

Do you think sleeping in feels as good as I do??


  1. Ok I'm going to make an unrelated comment because obviously I knew about the tragedy and admiring how beautiful your son is is basically my number one past time aside from sleeping. Even when I'm not admiring how beautiful he is (aka while running) I still fantasize about it.

    Yesterday I was strongly considering puking during the marathon and we run past Captain James which you may remember as one of the many spots I puked on my 27th birthday and I was like I should do it there! Double down! But then I felt a little better at that point so I just decided to keep trucking.

  2. And by "my 27th birthday" clearly I meant our joint 21st birthday.

  3. Your son IS beautiful haha. Im so jealous you got to sleep in and enjoy your coffee. After I feed Leia, I pump and usually eat breakfast while I pump. So it's not a very slow and enjoyable process. But I've only been doing the whole mom-up-early thing for a few months so I really can't complain.

    This wpast Friday we went to a little Halloween street party. Leia dressed up as a kitty. Saturday we went to Barktober Fest withour pups. They were horrible and it was hot so we got our free treats and left. Then I went to the most beautiful baby shower. My friend is having a boy and her shower was nautical themed. SO cute. And Leia was perfect the whole time. Seriously she isnt a typical baby at all. Sunday we had family park day! So very busy weekend!

  4. Holy cow! I'm so glad Dave's dad is going to be ok! That is terrifying!

  5. Glad to hear Dave's dad will make a full recovery. That sounds like a miracle, considering his injuries. (I see what you mean about Harrison's expression--it is a dead ringer for Grandpa's!!)